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10-15 minutes
Each Reading Workshop session will begin with a mini lesson that lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. During each mini-lesson, the teacher will introduce a specific concept using a read aloud or shared reading. Most often, the mini lesson will focus on a reading strategy or skill. The teacher will model or demonstrate the skill for the students.

Students then get a chance to practice the skill or strategy on their own or with a partner.

Daily 5(A.K.A. contracts or centers)
2 Blocks of 30 minutes each, seperated by another mini-lesson.
During Guided Reading conferences, the remaining students are engaged in a rotation of centers. These centers enhance their reading and language skills in fun and creative ways. Below are a few examples of Literacy Centers in our classroom.
Read to Self

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Read to Someone

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Listen to Reading

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Work on Writing

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Working with Words

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Reading on the Computerstudent_on_computer.jpg



15 minutes per group
Guided Reading is a major part of a balanced literacy program in our classroom. During Guided Reading, students read as the teacher guides them through the story. I pause to ask questions and prompt readers to use multiple reading strategies to decode words and comprehend the text.

Great discussions arise from our guided reading sessions as students learn to make connections to the text, predict what will happen, ask questions as they read, visualize events happening in the story, make inferences, and respond to stories they are reading. It is also a time for the teacher to observe whether or not the students are using the reading strategies taught during shared reading and teacher read alouds.

During guided reading, students will receive leveled books that are at their instructional reading level. This means that the student can read most of the book with a minimal amount of healthy struggling, and perhaps support from the group or the teacher. These are the books your child will bring home to practice reading every day.

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Reading Workshop: What It Looks Like in My Classroom

Beth Newingham Teacher Advisor - Top Teaching
Beth Newingham Teacher Advisor - Top Teaching

by Beth Newingham on Saturday, October 17, 2009Watch videos of different parts of literacy learning in Beth Newingham's class.

The Daily Five
The Daily Five
Learn more about the daily 5

Literacy Station Ideas**Teaching is a Work of Heart**
Mrs. Gallagher is a second grade teacher. Her literacy center idea page is MASSIVE. It has several useful ideas, as well as recommended books, downloads, and answers to the most frequently asked questions she received regarding her centers.

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